Also, RuneScape isn't free of microtransactions. They're the darkest part of playing the MMOs include like RuneScape as well as World of Warcraft all but developed, but in the present using my adult funds the cost of a membership was not a hardship, and even more importantly, everything else--cool cosmetics to intimidate the other players, boosts to XP or in-game currency is virtually free.
In time, my brother got his weed leaves cape, but not until I received my professional firemaking cape. Our friend, however, hasn't made any progress on his wizardry, as I'm still at a level 20 or more in the arcane arts than him. But that was just the start. We began playing mini-games, doing quests, and working on world developments...
It's safe to say that I'm hooked again and it only seems to grow more severe if I can hold Varrock right in the palm of my hand. The claws of RuneScape sunk into the most vulnerable areas of my brain and ignited that old love and bringing me a lot of peace during one of the most uneasy and anxiety-ridden moments within my own life.
As I whirl off hours playing Falador and Draynor, the tranquility of my mind is definitely worth it. It is possible that you RuneScape goblins who are engulfed by the enchantment of fire created by Zamorak in the present, could be enjoying how easy to get the cape of firemaking, or wondering why after 15 years, this isn't my first cape that I've earned in my career.
And when I got my first skill cape in this decade and a half along with my brother and friend, I was in awe. There's just something inherently emotional that comes from playing old games like this again. Sometimes, it's a feeling of frustration that it's difficult to see the same thing as your younger self. Sometimes, it's a profound personal recognition of how a title helped shape your childhood.
Sometimes, it takes your mind back to the days when you were a far less experienced player, and highlights how far you've come in your life. When it came to RuneScape the experience was little more out of each. If my younger self could see me today, he'd be amazed. It's impossible for you to be able to steal my joy.
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