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The player lounge mode is, as the name suggests, a more relaxed area in which you and your friends can chill out. Up to eight players can get involved, all choosing their favourite team, and then specific conditions for games can be set. The computer will rank your chances against other teams, and if you find yourself outclassing your opponents, you can give them a two-goal head start. From here, you can keep the games flowing with a number of different game types, such as winner stays on or best versus worse. You can also save these lounge sessions and come back to them at a later date.
This version of FIFA is quite heavily tied into a points reward system, as it lets you not only buy new moves to use on the pitch, but also unlock classic teams and even equipment such as branded footballs. Winning points is tied into accomplishing 102 challenges across nine categories, which you can see detailed and ticked off in a separate menu. The points are usually awarded for winning each of the game's major cups, but there are also endurance challenges such as 5-, 10-, and 20-game winning streaks and scoring 10, 50, or 100 goals. There are also master challenges to get through, which are incredibly difficult tests such as not conceding an offside against opponents of professional and world-class difficulty levels.
FIFA 23 is shaping up nicely, and if we haven't said it enough times already, it really feels like a new game to play. The online features add to an already weighty package, and there are plenty of unlockables and features that we've only just touched on here. Based on our preliminary play test, it looks like the Christmas football battle is far from decided. We won't be sleeping until FIFA has been played to death, so keep an eye out for our full review to find out whether it's worth buying.
As with all the games in EA Sports Big's Street series, FIFA 23 is equal parts style and substance. The original game in the series brought to life the colorful and exciting world of underground street FIFA, complete with four-man teams and bicycle kicks galore. With FIFA 23, the development team has focused on honing the trick mechanics to an even finer edge, while still retaining that same approachable style that has defined the Street series over the years. For more details on the process of developing FIFA 23's gameplay, we went straight to the source--producer Simon Andrews.
How long has FIFA 23 been in development, and is it being developed by the same team responsible for FIFA 23?
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