The Arcanist's most sought-after skill card Deck allows her drawing random decks of cards that can be used for various effects ranging from granting an increased attack speed to making each attack have a greater likelihood of being a crucial strike. Players can store two cards drawn at the same time, which can be utilized as they see it appropriate, creating possibly devastating combinations.
Two important class engravings are available to players to select from. Order of the Empire puts the emphasis on Normal abilities and the Card Deck mechanic by granting Normal attacks additional damage and Card Deck capacity. It also brings a powerful card, called the Emperor, to the deck of the arcanist. Another engraving for the class, Empress's Grace, is focused on using arcanist's Stack and Ruin mechanics to inflict more damaging damage.
For those looking get the Arcanist to the test and are at Punika during the adventure's narrative, a Punika Powerpass that will boost the power's level of item up to 1,302 is scheduled for July 20 and the Express Event for item level 1,302 characters in order to move them to 1,370 item level.
The Arcanist isn't the only class to be included in the Western version of Lost Ark, with the Destroyer and Glaivier also becoming part of the free-to play MMORPGs rosters in recent months. There's still a lot of classes available in Korean versions of Lost Ark that Amazon and the developer Smilegate RPG are in the process of bringing to the West which includes The Scouter, Reaper, and Artist.
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