.The third phase are the OTAs, or organized team activities organized by teams. Teams are allowed to participate in three activities per week for the first two weeks and then four in the last week, for 10 total. They also bump between four and six hours per day.
The day is split between lifting, meetings, and practicing. It's almost an actual practice. Helmet are on and drills are on. 7-on-7 as well as 11-on-11 can be used however there isn't supposed to be live contact.
That's a joke, though. It's not uncommon to encounter contact in the trenches however, the more senior you get into the team and the more experienced you are in how to stay safe and complete your work with out contact. For the less experienced players it can be an absolute bloodbath.
In this stage, the offense and defense get back in place from the beginning. This is the first time that players have the chance to be back playing in a situation like football-like conditions. The rookies can experience the speed of the game in a close-up but it's even close to the speed of football games.
But, they can begin finding their feet under them. It's beginning to feel more like football again.
The initial nine weeks, before the three-day veteran minicamp will be four days per week. They run from Monday to Thursday or Monday-Friday, with Wednesday off. Even though there's a limit on activities for the coaches and strength staff, players can enjoy their time at the facility.
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