ALGIERS Martellus Bennett Vapor Untouchable Jersey , Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- The ES Setif football club of Algeria edged Congo's TP Mazembe 2-1 at home on Saturday in the first leg of their African Champions League semifinal, to keep their hope alive to reach the final for the first time in their history.
The visitors opened the scoring in the 52nd minute thanks to Kheireddine Aroussi against his own goal. Two minutes later, Sofiane Younes equalised for ES Setif, and then Abdelmalek Ziaia gave the winning goal for the locals on 89 minutes.l
This first leg game was played behind closed doors after the African Football Confederation (CAF) banned ES Setif due to reported unsporting behavior by their supporters.
The second leg of this semifinal is scheduled for next Saturday in Mazembi Stadium in Lubumbashi, Congo.
How Pagerank Determines Your Search Engine Rank
Author: Anantait
But before you think you need a 10 to be considered important Elandon Roberts Vapor Untouchable Jersey , consider this: of the billions of sites on the web, only a handful-literally-have a PageRank 10. Google is one. Yahoo is another. Even some of the most visited sites like AOL, EBay and Amazon aren"t perfect. They have a 9. While the popular social networking sites like MySpace and YouTube are ranked 8.
Those are among the elite sites that drive millions of visitors to their sites each day. A more standard quality PageRank is anything between 4 and 7. You want your site to be at least a four, and you only want to link to sites with a four or higher.
If you"re just starting out, you may only have a rank of 0. This could mean that a Google spider hasn"t crawled your site yet Adam Butler Vapor Untouchable Jersey , you have no or few links to your site or you violate the search engine guidelines at Google. To increase your visibility in the search engines, you need to increase the number of quality sites that link to you.
Google sees each link to you as a vote for your page. The more votes you have, the more valuable Google considers your site. But if you vote for people more often than they vote for you (which means you have more outbound links than inbound links), your value begins to decrease.
And the number of votes isn"t the only thing that Google considers. The rank of the page casting the vote is even more important. If site A, a PageRank 7 Mike Gillislee Vapor Untouchable Jersey , votes for you by linking to your site, that vote is weighed more heavily than a vote from site B with a PageRank 1. The 7 helps increase the importance of your page; the 1 detracts from it.
Only it''s not quite that simple. Content also counts in the linking game. If that 7 site links to you but has content related to sports when your content is related to knitting, that vote does nothing to help your PageRank. Google has text-matching techniques to find pages that are relevant and important to rank the weight of your links.
Having links to your site on other sites in your niche is therefore important, but if you are just getting started, be sure all of your pages are linked back to your home page. By doing so Rex Burkhead Vapor Untouchable Jersey , you are beginning to take steps toward increasing your PageRank and consequently increasing your visibility in the search engines.
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URUMQI, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) -- Twenty years have passed since Gong Zhengxiu first came to work as a ranger at Laofengkou, a notorious mountain pass in Tacheng, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. He still has a fresh memory of what he saw.
"When I first came here Lawrence Guy Vapor Untouchable Jersey , there was nothing except a vast expanse of Gobi desert," Gong said, while standing near a windbreak forest, with lush green leaves behind him. "Nothing grew on the soil two decades ago, but now things have changed."
Laofengkou Stephon Gilmore Vapor Untouchable Jersey , one of nine windy passways in Xinjiang, sits on the border between China and Kazakhstan. It used to be known as "the deadly pass" for its extreme windy weather conditions. For centuries, strong winds blew all year around through the 20-kilometer mountain pass.
The harsh weather caused damage and suffering to the locals. Records show that 26 people got lost and were later frozen to death in a heavy storm in the winter of 1966. Thousands of livestock were blown away beyond the border in the winter of 1977, and many rescuers got frostbite.
Residents in Tacheng have tried various methods to retrieve the land from the strong winds. They set up enclosures, built mud fences and dug out snow-storage caves to hold back the strong winds Dwayne Allen Vapor Untouchable Jersey , but to no avail.
With a determination to lessen the damage, local authorities in Xinjiang in 1993 launched an ecological project to harness the harsh environment in Laofengkou. Gong Zhengxiu was then sent to work on the project in Tacheng from his hometown on the Yangtze River, China's longest. He has witnessed many changes ever since.
Local people were enthusiastic about foresting the border town area. For middle-aged people in Tacheng, memories of their school lives are mostly about planting trees. Thanks to their contribution, the previously deadly pass of Laofengkou has turned into an oasis.
The green revolution has turned Laofengkou into an oasis covering an area of 8 Trey Flowers Vapor Untouchable Jersey ,400 hectares. Man-made windbreak forests totaling 28 square kilometers have been planted in the area, offering protection for arable land and pastures.
As time passed, the barren mountain pass became greener and attracted many wild animals, such as rabbits, foxes and wild boars. The local authorities have come up with many ideas to make good use of the wind for power generation and invested in the building of a wind farm in Laofengkou Jordan Richards Vapor Untouchable Jersey , helping ease power shortages in the area and boosting the local economy.
Laofengkou has started a. Cheap Leicester City JerseysCheap Juventus FC JerseysCheap Real Madrid CF JerseysCheap Inter Milan FC JerseysCheap Chelsea FC JerseysCheap Atletico Madrid FC JerseysCheap Arsenal JerseysCheap Sevilla FC JerseysWholesale Manchester United JerseysWholesale Manchester City FC Jerseys