Lebanon's recently resigned prime minister Saad al-Hariri is seen at a Future television interview in Saudi Arabia Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys , at a coffee shop in Beirut, Lebanon on Sunday. Photo: VCG
Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Monday he was pleased by Saad al-Hariri's comment that he would return to Lebanon soon to discuss his resignation as prime minister, presidential palace sources said.
In separate remarks relayed by visitors to him, Aoun gave a positive assessment of comments Hariri made in an interview on Sunday, his first one since his shock decision to quit delivered from Riyadh on November 4.
"President Aoun expressed his pleasure at Hariri's announcement of his return to Lebanon soon Jake Rudock Black Jersey ," a source said. "Rescinding his resignation is one of his options," Aoun was quoted as saying of Hariri.
Hariri's resignation has pitched Lebanon into a deep political crisis and shaken confidence in its heavily indebted state.
The move - which has still to be accepted by Aoun - thrust Lebanon back into the forefront of the regional tussle between Sunni-led Saudi Arabia and the Shi'ite Islamist government of Iran.
Saudi-allied Hariri said in the interview he would return to Lebanon within days, and he held out the possibility he could rescind his resignation if Iran-backed Hezbollah agreed to stay out of regional conflicts such as Yemen.
Hezbollah is part of the coalition government led by Hariri, who resigned saying that he feared assassination. His father Rafic Hariri, who was also a prime minister Taylor Decker Black Jersey , was assassinated in 2005.
Hariri also accused Iran and Hezbollah of sowing strife in the Arab world.
Lebanese government officials and senior sources close to Hariri believe Saudi Arabia coerced him into quitting and has put him under effective house arrest since he flew to Saudi Arabia on November 3.
Saudi Arabia denies this, and Hariri said during his interview on Sunday that he was a free man.
Riyadh subsequently accused Lebanon of declaring war on it because of Hezbollah.
The United States and other Western powers have however struck a different tone to Riyadh, affirming their backing for Hariri and the Lebanese state even though they too regard Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.
Aoun said on Sunday that Hariri's movements were being restricted in Riyadh, the first time the Lebanese authorities had publicly declared their belief that Saudi Arabia is holding him against his will.
Prior to Hariri's interview, Aoun had also said that the restrictions on his freedom threw doubt on anything Hariri had said or would say Da'Shawn Hand Black Jersey , and that his statements could not be considered a statement of free will.
The US Senate on Tuesday confirmed former investment banker Jerome Powell as head of the Federal Reserve, putting President Donald Trump's pick in a role of enormous influence in the world's largest economy.
  Current Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen (left) and Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell (right), Yellen's successor.
Powell, a current Fed governor, was confirmed by a vote of 85-12 Tracy Walker Black Jersey , paving the way for him to replace current Chair Janet Yellen when she steps down next month.
In choosing to replace Yellen, Trump dismantled another piece of his predecessor Barack Obama's legacy, making Trump the first US president in nearly 40 years not to reappoint the incumbent Fed chair.
Analysts say Powell's appointment offered Trump the chance both to remove an Obama appointee, while also signaling to markets that he favoured continuity with the slow and deliberate rate increases that had won Yellen plaudits at the end of her term.
In addition to being a Democrat and the first female chief of the US central bank, Yellen was also a defender of the regulations enacted following the financial crisis - putting her at odds with the current White House's deregulation agenda.
Powell Graham Glasgow Black Jersey , 64, had already been through the Senate confirmation process before becoming a Fed governor in 2012. Since then, he has never dissented from any of the central bank's monetary decisions.
During a drawn out search process, Powell emerged as a centrist, consensus candidate - a Republican unlikely to raise rates too quickly but amenable to loosening financial regulations in ways long sought by Wall Street.
In promoting Powell to the Fed leadership A'Shawn Robinson Black Jersey , Trump takes another step toward remolding the central bank in his image, with four vacancies on the Fed's board of governors yet to be filled.
In November, Trump also nominated university professor and conservative economist Marvin Goodfriend to fill one of the vacancies.
Goodfriend appeared on Tuesday for Senate confirmation hearings, where lawmakers grilled him about predictions - which were never borne out - that Fed stimulus following the 2008 financial meltdown would drive up inflation without aiding the economic recovery.
Yellen has led the central bank since 2014 and will relinquish the leadership post just as the US economic recovery is cresting, having overseen falling unemployment Michael Roberts Black Jersey , robust growth and low inflation - conditions that have won her praise from many, including Trump.
HARBIN, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- Heilongjiang, a province in China's Northeast rust belt, reported its fastest economic growth in four years in 2017.
The gross domestic product in Heilongjiang Jalen Reeves-Maybin Black Jersey , one of three provinces in the Northeast traditional industrial zone, grew 6.4 percent to 1.62 trillion yuan (250 billion U.S. dollars) last year, the provincial statistics bureau said Tuesday.
The growth rate was 0.3 percentage points higher than a year ago, it said.
The province has been under huge downward pressure from its traditional coal, grain Kenny Golladay Black Jersey , oil and timber industries. It has invested heavily in the strategic new industries to explore new. Cheap JerseysCheap Authentic JerseysCheap Jerseys SaleWholesale HoddiesWholesale HoddiesWholesale Hoddies ChinaCheap Hats ChinaCheap NBA HatsCheap T-shirts WholesaleCheap NCAA T-shirts