It's the time to break the façade.
Tax-exempt status must be provided to organizations that have a goal other than making money, especially ones who seek to aid the public in their mission. Even without mentioning the recent incidents, the Madden NFL 23 has proven that it's solely intent on making money and gaining for itself and its teams. USA Today pointed out:
"If there's any reason in granting tax exemptions to business clubs, it could be they operate for the general purpose of supporting commerce for all within the broad spectrum of a type of business or business in general," claimed (Philip) Hackney who is one of the LSU faculty member who had previously was an IRS attorney, a tax lawyer who dealt with exempt-organization tax issues. "Commerce is essential for our country and we should support those who are engaged in this field in a very public manner. These (sports) organisations I believe that they do not have a public minded approach to their business interests. They are focused on the financial success of their franchises."
There is a misguided tendency to think of sports organisations as entities that transcend business as if they're focussed on the bigger picture. But in reality, that's just rhetoric. It's not true. Madden NFL 23 is not concerned with the public good and maintaining a high moral standard. The NCAA isn't full of experts who want to shield athletes from the lure of consumerism. The local race is likely not donating the amount to charity you think it should.
While ignoring this week's events, Madden NFL 23 has proven that it's only focused on making a profit and profiting from it.
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