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After being let go after being released by San Diego, former head coach Norv Turner is set for a job with Cleveland returning to his position as the offensive director. The team has also conducted a self-evaluation and have struggled to retain some of the staff that is already there.
The postseason, even though it's hot right now, only four teams will be left after this weekend. This means that 28 other organizations are already considering the next season. The coaching carousel should continue to move through the air similar to it did during the Madden NFL 23 season the carousel is operating at an up-tempo.
This Stream This Stream Chargers name Mike McCoy new head coach John Pagano retained as Chargers coordinator for d-coordination Jay Gruden will interview with Chargers Chargers Tom Telesco says no edge for Bruce Arians View all 15 stories by Madden NFL 23 news roundup: Josh Brent retired, HBO's "Hard Knocks'" contract renewed
Josh Brent has retired from the Madden NFL 23 to concentrate on his issues off the field The Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman announced on Thursday. He's had several encounters with the law and is currently waiting for trial over charges of manslaughter intoxication after allegedly causing the death of another fellow Cowboys participant Jerry Brown.
"This is the right choice for me and something which I've given long time to think about," Brent said. "I'm nearing a point at which my primary focus is getting my priorities in order. Priorities are more important that football."
KD Drummond of Blogging the Boys is of the opinion that this was the right decision for Brent as it's going to aid in calming his mind. The move could also alleviate a couple of other problems that were showing up as the player continued playing while dealing with the off-field issues, according to Drummond.
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