As the Times pointed out that the bills have high risks The bills highlight how absurd it is that all major sporting leagues, especially The Madden NFL 23 and the NCAA are tax-free.
It's been reported to have been reported that Madden NFL 23 is received exemption from taxation due to it being to be"a "trade organization" which means that teams receive the money generated however, they have to return to the league dues. Teams have to pay taxes however, the league does not. The idea to think that Madden NFL 23 can be like a labor union or a charitable organization is absolutely absurd. Even though non-profit organizations can declare that the majority of their expenses are legitimate, the Madden NFL 23 still posted nearly $9 million in 2012. The league raked in nearly $327 million in revenues , and also paid commissioner Roger Goodell $44 million.
This isn't just a Madden NFL 23 problem. The NCAA which claims to be an official status as a non-profit organization due to its efforts to help student athletes as well as their families, has claimed $871.6 million in 2012 and is using record amounts of lobbying money to stop these athletes from receiving the money. Even foot races with a small number of participants that receive huge sums of money, which include extravagant travel and lavish payments to organizers they claim that they are non-profit.
It's about the time to eliminate the façade.
Tax-exempt status must be granted to businesses with the goal of more than making profits, particularly those which are trying to assist people in their efforts. Although it's not necessary to mention recent incidents, Madden NFL 23 has demonstrated that it is only focused on earning a profit as well as benefitting its teams. USA Today pointed out.
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