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Madden NFL 23 Wild Card weekend is upon us with four stand-alone games to play! Got to love it. I'll offer you a few leans for all four of them. I have a preference for some over some, therefore I'll start by highlighting my top picks and then go down from there.
I'm loving this team. Chargers in this contest. In their first meeting in the first game, the Ravens offense scored just 16 points. The Chargers were moving towards the final goal to win the game. But Antonio Gates fumbled which led to a defensive touchdown, and the Ravens triumph of 22-10 to win in Los Angeles.
The general rule is that a rematch favors the loser as well. The Chargers are aware of how the Ravens will attempt to defend the Chargers, and they'll figure out strategies to get it right this time around.
Also, for as many people love the Ravens offense with Lamar Jackson, they only scored 16 points against the Chargers. They were able to stop them the first time. Lastly, the Chargers are performing well in the road this season. They won in Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Kansas City.
It's just too high for the defending Super Bowl champions. The Eagles are in a good place right now and for whatever reason, they excel when they are as Nick Foles. I'm sure Foles has some banged up lung, but I'm sure that he'll play well. The Eagles possess a strong offensive line that is able to physically compete to the Bears offensive line in particular when it comes to Lane Johnson versus Khalil Mack.
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