Visit one of those places in the Wilderness (possibly Chaos Temple, or the small"boneyard" immediately southeast of Clan Wars... where bones always keep respawning and no one picks them up). I just put this method down since in Hill Giants, you have to wait for a Hill Giant to re-spawn (not have someone else fight it), and defeat the Hill Giant... whereas in this technique, it will be nonstop levelling up in Prayer. Lumbridge Catabombs: warped cockroaches (level 1). Uncrowded. 100% regular bones fall rate. Will be obtaining bones nearly as fast as method 2. Ice Giants...I'm not especially fond of the Moss Giants / Ice Giants method, however. The remaining methods involve buying bones in the Grand Exchange... Would it be safer to buy regular bones or large bones? Buying bones, will have to spend less time earning gp (3,041,434 gp) than purchasing large bones. Make soft clay, sell to Grand Exchange. Spend money on levelliing up prayer.
Mining, selling into the Grand Exchange. (If this process, then mine ? (rune character, adamant, mithril, iron, coal, silver) and which place?) Fishing swordfish and tuna, selling the uncooked food to the Grand Exchange. Spend money on levelling up prayer. Fishing lobster, selling the uncooked food into the Grand Exchange. Cutting yews, selling to the Grand Exchange.
Currently level 75 mage and I need more rune javelins. I like alching them because generally they're not hard to get but latly I want more and I cant get em. Anyone got a bulk sum or know where to get some?Or whatever loses less cash im open to ideas. Below are a few items that I have personally utilized in the past: Battlestaffs: All types have a comparatively low loss however, you can only buy 100 of these in a particular time period. Dragonhide Armor: I have experienced reduced losses with Green D'hide bodied but I am convinced that this has changed. Verify the losses for a lot of items.
Antiques: Typically Emerald items and up have low alch losses. Emerald bracelets have been good in the past, check some others. Junk: Items such as Pouches (unworthy ones) maple longbows and rune javelins since you've mentioned usually sell for a very low cost (below market) and have relatively high alch values. Swamp Tar method: there is a barrel on Pirate's Cove that spawns a few Swamp Tars every few seconds. By waiting for them to spawn, you can amass the tar and get someplace between 1 and 10 each time. The collection of the tar wipes out a large proportion of your alching price and slows down you very little. You may only skip about 1 alch a 15 seconds or so. Thieving - Pyramid Plunder. Slayer - Tbh, just duradel it, because Sumona provides some bs tasks. Fire Wave or Fire Surge just tbh, or you're wasting so much cash. Powering Air orbs is ok, trying doing circus etc.. Helps a lot. Herblore - Make pure super collections and use as many cheaper/free herbs you may get. Mining - Granite. Range - Yaks are fun:rolleyes: Chinning Mummies is like great and such as wyvrens are ok, not too great though. Woodcutting - Teaks/Ivy/Maples. Won't I be losing more using Fire Wave? Hmm, I might strive Duradel...
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