Next, I'll be cooking Swordfish from 86-90 Cooking. Cooked Swordfish minus Raw Swordfish equals 25gp, so meaning I will just lose 25gp each Swordfish I cook. So supposing I need to cook 12,490 Swordfish to go from 86-90 Cooking, it will cost me only 312,250 because 12,490*25 equals that. My 3rd step will probably be cooking Monkfish from 90-94 Cooking. My final step is Sharks out of 94-99. They are a 46gp difference so cooking 24,238 will just shed me 1,114,948. Please tell me if I calculated this right.
41 Mage... will be using Fire Bolt so that I should be able to hit around 15ish. With the secure place I must be helpful against the tree soul right? What im contribute to resist the tree soul on entrana. So yes this does mean I'll be utilizing Mage AND Range. Thats possible ? And shud I juss purchase inexpensive wizard robes and not risk my mystic robes?
Today I wanted to create a new Runescape accounts, and I needed to have something linked to the phrase"blaze." So I type in a bunch of stuff (Blaze Life, Blaze Soul, and even Blaze Mover) and none of these worked. It got suspicious when I began to add some, because that didn't work either. Then I just typed the phrase"blaze" and then something random like"t32wy4" and STILL didn't get the job done. So perhaps Jagex will not let people have the term"Blaze" in their username, or is it a bug?
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