Y'are doing a great job. Thank you. There were large chunks of time in the past 2 years that I've been away in the sport and with the amount of things that have been inserted to OSRS, there is is a lot from the sport that's a total mystery to me. There is so much today.
For me personally, it is a perfect introduction to more dexterous things like bosses and raids. Additionally, it reminds me of Dungeoneering and it gave me a bit of a laugh to
keep in mind some people saying"Dungeoneering ought to have been a minigame".
I like I can get nice and move up to red mode.
I think that they should be given a great deal more muting energy, but if it is abused, they need to be perm banned. There's been plenty of instances of pmod energy abuse, with fewer mods and less power.
Im no pro, but what if you require every client to send out a token. Jagex approves clients they believe are in accord with the tos. Every day the token varies according to an
RSA algorithm and every developer receives a different key. This way you can track if suddenly another customer uses the exact same token constantly the secret was leaked and you revoke their permissions.
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