Are there bugs and glitches? Of course it is a video game instead of just any game, an EA game. But should you would like to say that this game isn't better than the previous 3 madden games you are out of your fucking head!
However, I certainly understand franchise players. I like the concept, but it requires a complete redesign and attention. Surprised EA even has the balls to push the same modes with no changes every year.
same. Together with the lockdown plus weirdness from the nfl itself it's guaranteed to be one of of the worst, even though I really liked 20 because of massive improvement over the worst I have ever played, 19.
I have not purchased one in four or three decades. I only played H2H which I miss, but I would try franchise outside to see if it got any better and it was usually the same thing.
I don't care how many new features they add to franchise, the game will never be entertaining until they alter how in which the cpu picks plays.
It doesn't matter how difficult you create it, if you make a couple adjustments on defense you'll block the cpu until both minute marks, compared to God mode turns on and you need to try hard to make a play.
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