But why would they willingly get rid of 1/5 of the player population when they could continue to make millions from individuals abusing their fanciful currency for real money. From a PR standpoint it is the Buy wow classic gold largest shit-filled slap in the face to the player base, from an economic standpoint it is the easiest money they'll ever make.
Amen. Excited about starting fresh mainly to acquire an economy that is not f'ed up. Please put some actual effort into it Blizz. And start banning RMTers.
If you want such an environment, pservers are the only area you'll find it. You definitely won't get it out of blizzard. In the event that you or anyone else wants information on a new vanilla pserver with recognized and trustworthy management launch in the near-moderate future, pm me.
All you could hope for at this stage is an enjoyable launch and grind to 60, subsequently deleted your personality and move on.
Yes, lets begin banning rmt. Byebye 50 percent or more of the playerbase. I really could get people banned using a easy microtransaction with a single click.
In case a one or ban for it is sufficient for all those players to quit, then obviously they are so hooked on RMT they're never gonna play without it . Good riddance.
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