Choose either Attack or Power, and instruct it without touching another. An attack pure benefits from having the ability to use high-quality weapons such as gods words, chaotic maul, along with the Noxious scythe, and employing these weapons can strike with high precision and harm against competitors wearing armour.
In EOC they have access to the skills Barge and Slaughter that are crucial for attacking targets who attempt to run away, or the Special Attacks of AGS or Claws for heritage. A strength pure has just one viable weapon, which is the lv60 Tzharr-ket-om but might deal more damage per battle level with normal attacks compared to all other kinds of pures. Although strength pures might have accuracy problems against competitors wearing armour, they could deal more harm than assault pures against opponents with lv1 defence.
Getting to lv60 strength takes less time than a 75/80/90 attack so that you can start PKing faster, and mauls are incredibly economical to replace if you lose it upon passing. Strength pures have use of this powerful Berserk ability but will need to invest in a couple of attack levels to use a few of the more useful Attack skills in eoc, and totally lack a distinctive attack in Legacy. Defence levels could be wholly disregarded in legacy, but in eoc that the Freedom ability is essential.
Leaf does make a good point, if dual Ascensions are far better than Nox and worth roughly the same price there is no reason for you to not get them instead. Unless of course, you plan to perform warbands with the Nox later on, but that is basically requesting a catastrophe to take place. No offence to you but much more experienced PvPers have lost their Nox bows & comparable weapons due to mishaps (forgetting to recharge and using it drop while they're stunned etc) or due to smite users. Not to mention you will get camped hardcore by waves of welfare hoping to triple their lender that increases the chances of you dropping it and also make warbands overall unenjoyable.
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