"I take a call on the phone to Steve Cannell and say, 'We've been doing the show for a while now. It's sure to be a major success. It seems like I should get a little of the back end of your copyrights or your library.' So , the issue is 'what is Fred going to receive for his contribution to the show?'
"We have a contract that we sign, and we shake hands over it. Then, I'm part of the deal and get paid every time the show occurs anywhere in the world."
It's the same style Dryer and the other plaintiffs would like to experience the Madden NFL 23 embrace.
"We're asking for participation in the profit in this library of the Madden NFL 23 library of Madden NFL 23 Films in which we've taken part in. Wouldn't this not stand the test of reason?"
Once players choose to accept or reject the settlement proposal, the issue heads back in the direction of the Federal court in Minnesota. If enough players choose to opt out the judge has the option to revisit talks between players and the league however, there is no time limit for this to occur.
Some believe there is a chance that the judge Paul Magnuson, will choose not to send both parties back to the table for negotiations.
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